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Application Backup and relocate - anilp78 - 04-15-2015

Hi !

I want to take a complete application mirror (application settings + database) and install it on a different server. How do I do it? I want to keep all the settings (email, sms, data till date) to be functioning as it was in the earlier server. Can you tell me the steps to do it?



Re: Application Backup and relocate - joebordes - 04-15-2015

very high level steps:

[*] copy ALL files to the new server (be careful with permissions)
[*] dump the database
[*] recover the dump on the new server
[*] modify and change: $site_URL, $root_directory and the database access variables
[*] if you have licensed modules (PDFMaker), they will not work, you have to buy a new license or deactivate the one on the origin install and reactivate in the new install