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[ solved - changed ] field subject - rslemer - 07-04-2018

In many modules, exists one field to user insert the subject ( for example, tickets, tasks, projects, task of projects, etc .. )

My user wish change this, used a picklist with defined values, instead a free text.

I created a new custom field, with a picklist and a new workflow to move the value of picklist to this subject field.

Problem is, field is mandatory and studio editor not allowed change this ..

User needs put something in subject before save registry ( is not good ideia ).

Exists  any way, I changed subject field to not mandatory?

RE: field subject - joebordes - 07-04-2018

Go directly to the database, change the typeofdata column from V~M to V~O

Another idea, which is what I would have done, is to convert the field to a picklist:

RE: field subject - rslemer - 07-04-2018

I copy this file from original location to root directory, but how I inform a field name and module name parameters?

I try ../convertTextFieldToPicklist.php projecttaskname projecttask


Show me --> The fieldname and module parameters couldn't be empty

RE: field subject - joebordes - 07-05-2018

from the browser:


note that the first parameter is separated with a question mark while all others are with an ampersand

RE: field subject - rslemer - 07-05-2018

Shows --> The field projecttaskname should be uitype 1.



Failed to find title field.

All fields shows type 255 ....

RE: field subject - joebordes - 07-05-2018

set them to uitype 1, it doesn't matter they are going to end up with 15 anyway

RE: field subject - rslemer - 07-05-2018

I changed code for :

echo "<b>The field $fieldname should be uitype 1 ( uitype = $uitype ).</b><br>";

System shows uitype = 2 ( ?? ) strange not?

And I forced code change code 2 and worked !!


RE: field subject - rslemer - 07-05-2018

For tickets, correct is :


RE: [solved] field subject - rslemer - 07-27-2018

I changed subject in cbCalendar too ...

But system created many tasks, like a event, call from ipbx, and other ..

Is possible reverted ?

RE: [solved] field subject - joebordes - 07-28-2018

Set the uitype back to 1 (or whatever it was)