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Translated - pt_br for - cbCVManagement - rslemer - 11-20-2018

How exactly this options wroks?

(because in Brazilian portuguese, this terms are very similar ..)

'Mandatory' => 'Obrigatório',

'Blocked' => 'Bloqueado',

'default_setting' => 'Configuração padrão',

'Default Views' => 'Visualizações por padrão',

Where this two labels is used?

'Test' => 'Testar',
'Search Value' => 'Valor para pesquisa',

When I use a module list? because view not is specific for each module?

'Module List' => 'Lista de módulos',

I think only feature not implemented yet, is option to set what field will be used for sorting asc / desc in each view ....


At time, this feature is a good enhancement for coreBOS !

RE: Translated - pt_br for - cbCVManagement - joebordes - 11-20-2018

Mandatory means that this filter will be shown to all users
Blocked has no logic associated it is just a checkbox to search and help administration
Default view is the default filter for this user
Default settings is the record that defines default filter if none is specifically defined


I don't remember the logic of why we set it to Module multipicklist, when we implement the logic it may change, this is just the first step


RE: Translated - pt_br for - cbCVManagement - rslemer - 11-20-2018

and has one more

'cvdefault' => 'Visualização padrão',

As suggestion, not is better if list of filters was group by the module name?

Sorry, but I try understand a correctly use for this new manager

I need created a filter  previously to use this manager, right?

when Create is applicable?
retrieve is a same for view ( today )?

For me works, if user setting manually in the filter, option "default filter", if only I marked mandatory, system not shows the filter for my user
and user still can choose another filter for default ..

I means if i wish, did set a filter for default module and specific rule, and blocked user can create or modify any another filter, include not choose any other fiter with  "default" , what I need to do ?

Look attached images

I remove all options in cvManagement, but user still can use the older options

what i do wrong?

RE: Translated - pt_br for - cbCVManagement - joebordes - 11-21-2018

this module is not active yet.