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error on mass edit - rslemer - 03-13-2019

I try changed with mass edit contacts assigned to a single user to a group

System not show any error, but assigned not is changed too


RE: error on mass edit - joebordes - 03-13-2019

you have indicated this in the past and we have tried to reproduce without success
can you activate full debug mode to see the queries and if they are faling?

RE: error on mass edit - rslemer - 03-15-2019

How I actiaved full debug mode ?

in - change to DEBUG ?

because, I don't see in log any message ...

RE: error on mass edit - joebordes - 03-17-2019

RE: error on mass edit - rslemer - 03-26-2019

I think the problem is a map validation ...

Besides system not shows correctly, if any another filed is not pass in test, assigned to not changes too

For example, in another case, system shows a incorrect message in mass edit

a single edit, works ...

RE: error on mass edit - joebordes - 03-26-2019

Please reproduce it in the online demo

RE: error on mass edit - rslemer - 03-26-2019

reproduced in leads

I created a business map for validation a phone number

If you try edit a single, system shows a correct error message

If you try edit in mass editing, system shows "saved" but not change a assigned to ...


RE: error on mass edit - rslemer - 03-29-2019

I've been thinking, otherwise it would be interesting an option for bulk editing to allow changes without these validations

In this case, for example, I need to move the records to another team

As they are historical, old base, one or another field, no longer passes the current tests

RE: error on mass edit - rslemer - 06-10-2019

I found a problem!

Because in mass editing, all fields is checked for business map again, and if has any problem, system not changed

Suppose you has a BM for check a phone syntax and you execute a mass editing for change a user assign, is a very common situation

But system not changed a user assign to a new user, because, in this example, phone number not correct ...

Is possible setting a BP for execute a check only when field in question is changed?

RE: error on mass edit - joebordes - 06-14-2019

yes, you can do that
i'll put it on our endless list of things to do