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Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-24-2020

I wish use that module, but a way to calculate the goal is different of default

I didn't use the opportunities, but will use all payments marked as paid, in specif period

The ideia is calculated, only the values, received, and really confirmed value in your bank account.

For example

User created a payments in module, opportunity, service contracts, tickets, etc, in that specific period

When a financial guy ( user ) will marked that's payment as confirmed in bank account

I will considering this value in goal of this salesman ( user ) in this specif period

How I can change a way system calculate a goal in this module?

and listed each payments is considering for this goal, in detail view too


RE: Forecast and Budget Control - joebordes - 01-24-2020

that request is very complex, you will have to study the code and adapt it considerably. Not something we can answer here

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-24-2020

I imagine there was a workflow code for calculations today, that could disable

would do a workflow with the aggregate function for these calculations

and maybe the developer’s block to list items as a detailed view

was needing the "stepping stones"

but, by the way, it will be better to create an external application and consult the database directly, the bad thing for the user is that he is out of the same visual standard ...

disappointed ...


RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-24-2020

I thought about this module because I need to group by user

use an aggregate workflow for all payments in the period marked as paid

and create a detailview just to list these payments within the registry

if I managed to put the total in the same place, which the system expects, I would take advantage of the graphs and the evolution of the goal

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - joebordes - 01-25-2020

I understand and it is a good approach but those numbers are calculated dynamically per time period with special related lists to show the right numbers, you would have to modify them all... non-trivial

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-26-2020

and about created a module from beginning, i means from "zero"

New module, with each user is my registry and related to a payments, for example

like as

user - goal - accumulator
and created a filter with periods

you think is more easy?

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-27-2020

or perhaps I can use a base of employes?

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-27-2020

I will use the cbemployee module as a base

I created a block for the monthly goal value
goal start day (which is always the 9th of each month)
goal end day (which is the 10th of the following month)
Accumulated value

I need to do a function with the sql command to sum up the confirmed payments for this user (I thought of a custom function because of the period that is not the full month, but from 9 to 10 of the following month)

and I wanted to make a list of the payments that made up this calculation (I think this is developer blocks, right)

Does the custom function have a model that I can follow? I think doing a sql command that returns the calculated value, I need the system to take this value and put it in the field

RE: Forecast and Budget Control - rslemer - 01-28-2020

my first problem is related a employee with payments ...

I try with layout editor, and with a script, looks works, but not for a workflow ...