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Report Pivot table - rslemer - 01-28-2020

Is possible I created a report as pivot table like as

I have field user in employes module
I plan related with a assigned to in payments

and listen in columns, sum of amount, cost and paid

I should started choose how module first? ( employee or payments ? )
First field aggregation is a user ( in employes ) and second is amount in payments ( sum )

but system not show anything in report

how I do wrong?

RE: Report Pivot table - joebordes - 01-28-2020

there is a post and video in the blog on how to do this, have you read that?

RE: Report Pivot table - rslemer - 01-28-2020

this --> ?

I need related a field user in employee with a assigned to in payments ( because my intention is a sum of payments group by users )

In employee have two fields, assigned to and user ( what is a correct for use, in this case? )

in payments i choose assigned to ( my intention is group by, not a created user, but a user is working with this payment )

I wish produce a sum for amount, cost and benefit, in columns, for each user in employee with payments, marked as paid, in this mouth, for example ...


RE: Report Pivot table - rslemer - 02-03-2020

I see a documentation, but gif animation not easy for learning, because is not possible stop or returned to understand better ..

If I can suggest you, use another tool like a video ... in coreBOS channel is better for that

anyway, I will try to learned and do in my demo test