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jqueryversion on github - saidmsl - 11-23-2015


while surfing on github project, i notice there is a branch jqueryversion

what i understand is that it remove all scriptaculous and prototype librairies and clean the javscript librairies

do you plan to merge it to master branch? 

when could  it be usable?


RE: jqueryversion on github - joebordes - 11-23-2015

This branch is a personal initiative of one of our community members: Edlira (Thank you!!). I do plan to merge this into the main branch and eliminate prototype.
The current status of this is project is that it needs testing and I would like to do some basic automated testing to validate the change. If you can dedicate some time to this branch that would be wonderful: simply switching to that branch and doing any tests and validations you can think of and reporting what you find would be an enormous help. If you have some knowledge with Benchlabs and/or selenium, even better!!

Let me know how I can help you.

RE: jqueryversion on github - saidmsl - 11-23-2015


i can test . i dont' know about bechnlabs or selenium but i can learn


By the way, what's the difference : jqueryversion / move2jquery

RE: jqueryversion on github - joebordes - 11-23-2015

jqueryversion is the good one, move2jquery was something I started but didn't get to far.

I don't know much about benchlabs/selenium either but I would like to have a set of tests to evaluate performance and most important processes in the application

RE: jqueryversion on github - joebordes - 03-31-2016

Just to share information about steps going forward.

I have successfully created a unit and integration test and performance project for coreBOS:

This is working incredibly well, REALLY fantastic stuff. I have been developing with this for a few weeks now and it gives me a lot of confidence.

Now we are ready to start tackling upgrade issues like PHP7, jQuery and moving translation strings to the database.

Getting closer .... :-)

RE: jqueryversion on github - joebordes - 06-28-2016

full jquery version has been released

RE: jqueryversion on github - Guido1982 - 06-30-2016

Great! Is it the master branch or a separate one?

RE: jqueryversion on github - joebordes - 06-30-2016

master, it is in production