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RE: document management - saidmsl - 05-02-2016


after some testing and investigations , i'm letting down openkm as it always break (issue with eval browser params) and their interface is stuck on this message

starting testing logicaldoc


RE: document management - joebordes - 05-02-2016

I'm sorry to hear that.

I hope the structure and some of the code we sent will still be of use.

I added this thread to the project's readme in case somebody else comes along.

Please, keep us informed on your progress.

RE: document management - opto - 05-03-2016

I had a look and try with seeddms and it looked good. Also PHP.
Maybe that is another option.


RE: document management - saidmsl - 05-03-2016

Everything back to normal with logical doc.

LogicalDoc is more stable than OpenKM , provide more web services functions
the only setback is that LD community version does not provide a workflow ( ex : if you create a document directly inside LD, it won't be visible in CB ==> i'm thinking of a solution for this)

Seeddms is confuse and does not provide webservices functions

i will continue to work with LogicalDoc
however, the code for OpenKM is still working and once they have a more stable product i might come back to it.