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not jump sales stage - rslemer - 08-31-2016

I wish user, cannot jump sales stage

For example

First stage prospecting
Second stage Proposal
Third stage Negotiation
Closed Win
Closed Won

Today, user can jump prospection ( first stage ) to closed win ( last stage )

I wish user, pass all stage in order

How can i get that?

RE: not jump sales stage - joebordes - 09-01-2016

two ideas come to mind:

1.- make the picklist readonly for the profile with the restriction and then add an action link that launches a workflow to go to the next stage

2.- add a validation on the module to impose this restriction for whomever you want

both require a little bit of programming but nothing complex

RE: not jump sales stage - rslemer - 09-02-2016

there any code example, for me starting a solution 2?

RE: not jump sales stage - joebordes - 01-05-2020

this project can help to accomplish this: