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Wix Site Integration - rslemer - 03-20-2017

I wish two integration, with Wix Sites

1) When Contact Form completed by visitor, each field value insert into coreBOS create a new lead ( like a webform in php )

2) Create a bottom "Call me" ( I can use, same solution for item 1 )

Do you have any idea, I can do thats things?


RE: Wix Site Integration - joebordes - 03-20-2017

Have a look at this project, it is probably what you need

RE: Wix Site Integration - rslemer - 03-21-2017

The big problem with Wix Sites, not is possible execute PHP code ( only html or script ).

Searching with google, I found suggestion for use a <script> or execute a PHP in external site.

RE: Wix Site Integration - joebordes - 03-21-2017

PHP in external site would be the solution. Point the form submission to a PHP script that is using the Webservice Webform project code