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PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 07-19-2017

Which the best solution for generate a PDF docs in last version of coreBOS ?

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - joebordes - 07-19-2017

Hard to answer that. I'd say that it depends on how comfortable the person who must create the templates is with HTML and CSS.
If you use PDFMaker you are editing HTML+CSS, if you know how that works than PDFMaker is a good option.
If you are not comfortable with those two technologies than creating your templates in a word processor has an easier learning curve.

Another factor to consider is if you already have templates created in PDFMaker.

Both options are perfectly valid and more or less equivalent.

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 07-20-2017

ok, but about compatibility with coreBOS 7 ?

PDF maker, which version, is compatible?

GENdoc i don't have any experience, is possible install in my coreBOS version?

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - joebordes - 07-20-2017

For PDFMaker, you have access to the free version in github:

If you have a professional license send me the proof of purchase and I will send you a copy of that version

You can try GenDoc on the coreboscrm demo:

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 07-26-2017

I installed, free pdf, thru link above, but now I need to install a pdf maker professional.

Is it OK, if I install pdf professional about to pdf free?

Do I need to remove or some like that?

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - omarllorens - 07-27-2017

I'm not sure what is the best option, but I will try to delete the pdfmakerfree and after install the profesional.

You can find script example to delete a module on build/HelperScripts/deleteModule.php.
Copy this module to your root corebos directory, edit this file to set the PDFMaker module name like, $modname="PDFMaker" and remove these tow lines:
$ev = new VTEventsManager($adb);

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 07-27-2017

I did that, but now system stop on screen

Click on Download button to download and install mPDF script and to progress in installation. Please be patient it may take a while.

In case that you are unable to automatically download mPDF, you can donwload it manually from
and unzip it into

When I click on download button - system start a download and after that system freeze on blank screen

When I did download manually system show this screen again

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 07-31-2017

I think the problem is link is broken ... Sad

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - rslemer - 08-01-2017

Nothing working at my installation

When i tried a Joe's link PDF Professional, simply abort at end of download and start install process

First i tried at copy over intalled with a Free PDF Maker, not working

After that, I tried at installed over a older package with a PDF Maker Professional ( same error, system show me I need download newer version of mpdf ... and crash

After that, I tried in another installation ( without any PDF Maker ), after a complete upload ( with success ) aborted at end uploaded

In fact, in any case I have upload a zip worked for me, only when I cat use a URL from GIT, system complete a install

RE: PDF Maker or GENdoc - omarllorens - 08-01-2017

Hi. Joe send a new link to download PDFMaker Professional for coreBOS. Please to install this module you just have to extract this zip on you coreBOS root directory, after that go to coreBOS Updater, load and apply all.

Finally, go to PDFMaker module and insert the license

This zip contains the new mpdf version that support PHP 7