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Leads Field Mapping - rslemer - 07-27-2017

I created two Pick list in leads module and same in contacts module ( see image attached )

I created a Picklist Dependency there both fields

When I try create a fields Mapping system show system cannot map fields with different character size.

Note: I have removed old fields ( was working right ) and re do a new both pick list.

Message is strange, because appears not related a picklist, but a text field or like that

RE: Leads Field Mapping - joebordes - 07-30-2017

Is your code up to date? Picklist to Picklist mapping has always been possible and I added picklist to text in September 2016

I also think it must be some other fields. Can you show me the error message?

RE: Leads Field Mapping - rslemer - 08-01-2017

Yes, I installed a fresh new copy from GIT, for this tests.

See attached image.

In first case, was working fine, problem occured after remove, redo and use a list dependency ( but i don't know, if this procedures, in fact,  is origin of problem .. ).

RE: Leads Field Mapping - joebordes - 08-01-2017

I just updated the online demo, can you please reproduce this error there?

thank you