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PBX Manager - Context - rslemer - 09-28-2017

Where I can set my context from Pbx Asterisk

I need changed default from-trunk to from-pstn


RE: PBX Manager - Context - reetp - 09-29-2017

I'm no expert in this but a quick Search of the interweb for "asterisk set context from-pstn" reveals this thread

There is probably plenty more out there.


B. Rgds

RE: PBX Manager - Context - rslemer - 09-29-2017

Thanks for your reply.

But I means in coreBOS PBX Integration.

In past, I think this was parameter located in "hard code" in AsteriskClient.php.

RE: PBX Manager - Context - Guido1982 - 09-29-2017

Through the GUI you can't really set your context as far as I know. I do remember this in AsteriskClient.php, but you'll have to reset this any time you update. Is there no way for you to change your context in asterisk?

RE: PBX Manager - Context - rslemer - 09-29-2017

I found this variable in AsteriskClass.php.

I will try change in this file.

RE: PBX Manager - Context - rslemer - 01-19-2018

I wish set in coreBOS on context to outbound and another for inbound is possible?