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cbCalendar - Michel001 - 12-12-2017

I have a question.

If i create a new calendar meeting and i invite a colleague.

Where do i find that in the database ? i only see the user who created it.

i see in table vtiger_activity some related things for the calendar subject and activityid
vtiger_crmentity where i can find the user who created it and description
vtiger_users there can be a join to get the user.
only i don't see who is also invited in the meeting.

What i am trying to do:
- create a calendar item
- check on new items and fills outlook/exchange calendar. for those who are in the meeting.
- check modified time to change outlook/exchange calendar.

or is there an easier way to sync with outlook / exchange ?

RE: cbCalendar - joebordes - 12-12-2017

The table you are looking for is vtiger_invitees

There is a compatible outlook extension:

and you could also sync the events with Google and from there to Exchange.

RE: cbCalendar - Michel001 - 12-13-2017


I will try the plugin first.
guess i haven't searched hard enough