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Users Report - rslemer - 01-09-2018

Today exists a easy way to get a report with a each users details?

RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-09-2018

No, you must use external reporting tools.

It is on our roadmap.

RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-09-2018

Perhaps sql reports could be use for this?

RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-10-2018

what is "sql reports"?

RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-10-2018

I means use the option " Direct SQL Statement "

RE: Users Report - joebordes - 01-10-2018

No, that option only works with normal modules

RE: Users Report - kapsule - 01-10-2018

Hi @rslemer

As Joe points out, it is best to use external tools (e. g. metabase). I currently use it to extract internal information from the system.

What exactly do you need this functionality for? If this is practical, an "Export" button could be implemented in the user list.


RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-11-2018

Joe, already commented with me about metabase, but I don't had time to learn about this, yet.

I wish a simple report, with users, names, profiles, and status.

RE: Users Report - kapsule - 01-21-2018

Hi @rslemer,

I've worked on the subject you requested. In the following pull you have the implementation to export (as administrator) the list of users.

I hope it will help you.

RE: Users Report - rslemer - 01-22-2018

Hi @Kapsule
Thanks for your assistance.

This is will be applied the default coreBOS version? after pull request approved ?

Or I need do another things to get it?