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a small manual on Global Variables
Since I've just discovered the power of these, I'll post a small manual here. I'll use the example that got me going. In my case I needed the invoice creation to leave the status of the related sales order alone. So I set my Global Variable up like this:
  • I chose "SalesOrderStatusOnInvoiceChange" from the "name" dropdown. That handles this specific case.
  • As a value I entered "DoNotChange", which is a special value the system checks for.
  • I checked the 'mandatory' box.
  • I chose "Module Functionality" from the 'Category' dropdown.

You could also set a different value if you do want the SalesOrder status to change, but not to "Approved".

The order GlobalVariables use as priority is:
  1. First it looks for a GV marked as 'mandatory'.
  2. If none is found, it'll look for one assigned to the current user.
  3. If none is found, it'll look for the group of the current user.
  4. Finally, it'll look for one that's marked as 'default'
  5. If no GV was set, default system behaviour will take place.

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