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List View Filters
I know that all List View Filters Are assigned to a user. Is there a way to have them assigned to a role.

I have 2 employees in my Finance Department. With there own user log-in so i can track their history. Now there are certain filters I would like both of them to be able see.

Now I know of 2 ways I could complete this is either
a) make it public
b) Create a generic Role and have that role be a subordinate to these 2 users and they would see the filters.

If there is an easier please help me
No, there is currently no other way to do this except coding.

If you want to do it with coding you have to use the event

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... filtershow</a><!-- m -->

If I remember correctly the example scripts in HelperScripts directory do exactly this.

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