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Problems after PHP Update
Hallo everybody,

my web povider has updated the PHP Version from 5.X to 7.0/7.1/7.2.

When I use PHP 7.2 so I get the error message

"A PHP version from 5.3.x to 7.0.0 is required. Your current PHP version is 7.2.11-he.0 - Kindly adapt your PHP installation, and try again!".

After changing to PHP 7.0 I get the error message

"Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect() in /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/adodb/drivers/" Stack trace: #0 /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/adodb/ ADODB_mysql->_pconnect('localhost:3306', 'mysqluser', 'mysqlpassword', 'mysqldatabase') #1 /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/include/database/PearDatabase.php(890): ADOConnection->PConnect('localhost:3306', 'mysqluser', 'mysqlpassword', 'mysqldatabase') #2 /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/include/database/PearDatabase.php(1121): PearDatabase->connect() #3 /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/include/utils/utils.php(11): require_once('/is/htdocs/wp10...') #4 /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/index.php(25): require_once('/is/htdocs/wp10...') #5 {main} thrown in /is/htdocs/wp10725802_AP6SP9SHMX/www/crm/adodb/drivers/ on line 480

Is there anybody who can help me to run my corebos installation normally? I can't change to another PHP-Version because its a installation running on a webservice provider called Hosteurope in Germany.



In your look for this line:

$dbconfig['db_type'] = 'mysqli';

and make sure it is mysqlI, php 7 has deprecated mysql so on that version you can only use mysqli

that should fix the error above

coreBOS works correctly on PHP 7.x, in fact even on 7.2, we do not support that version because some of our third-party dependencies haven't updated yet, so if you don't use those you can even work with PHP7,2

Let us know how it goes.
BTW, you should update your install when you get a chance.
Bingo! It works again. And that should have been only on a single "i"? Crazy... :-)

Have you any idea how can I update my installation? With the coreBOS Updater I never get any updates. Can I easy clone with git from and upload these files to my webspace? Which files must be backupped to safe my installation?
Once you have done the "git clone" and then installed, you have to go into the directory and execute "git pull"

"pull" will bring in all the new code which may include some changesets that need to be executed with corebos updater. coreBOS updater cannot do code changes only database changes because there are just too many states in which your code can be

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