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Date formatting in emails
These tests would seem to indicate the contrary:

as there are two evaluation in the same string.
I don't see two general workflow functions in a row in these templates.

This is what the templates use:
$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) uppercase(firstname ) ) $(account_id : (Accounts) accountname)

this is what I want to achieve
am $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) format_date($date_start,'d. F Y') ) um $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) substring($time_start,0,5) ) Uhr.

It works with a line break before "um" but it does not when put on one line.
Ok, I added it to our to-do list
Thank you very much.
I did some additional testing and came up with a way to do it by putting all the operations in one WorkflowFunction call:

Anyway, I also created a ticket to get it working as you propose.
It seems this is still an issue. However I found a (very fragile) workaround and just post it here for anybody who is interested:

Goal: have the results of multiple workflow functions in one line of html code in workflow emails.
Problem: If they are not seperated by a line break or several spaces they „eat up” some of the code around, apparently even cannibalizing each other.

I wanted to have a custom field value and a date and time of an event in one line like this:

Quote:special appointment on Dec. 6, 2018 at 6.15 a.m.

The code I used is the following:

PHP Code:
<p>$cf_851 on $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__format_date($date_start,'d. F Y') ) at $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__substring($time_start,0,5) )</p

The result is that the time does not appear at all. So I seperated them on different lines like this:

PHP Code:
p>on $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__format_date($date_start,'d. F Y') ) </p>
p>at $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__substring($time_start,0,5) )</p

But that's ugly:

Quote:special appointment
on Dec. 6, 2018
at 6.15 a.m.

Seperating the functions in the html source code like this is working if...

PHP Code:
$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__format_date($date_start,'d. F Y') ) 
at $(general : (__WorkflowFunction__substring($time_start,0,5) )</p

Results in the desired formatting...
- you do not switch to the wysiwyg editor before saving
- if you never edit the email again without fixing these line breaks at the same time.
You can try using a 'concat' function, something like this unit test example:

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