Full Version: Can't get my UI10 field to show up
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I've added a UI10 field to a block like this:

PHP Code:
$module Vtiger_Module::getInstance('LitigationMatter');
$block Vtiger_Block::getInstance('LBL_Parties'$module);
// Setup the field
$field                =    new Vtiger_Field();
$field->name        =    'lm_secondclient';
$field->label        =    'Eventueel tweede cliĆ«nt';
$field->table        =    'vtiger_litigationmatter';
$field->column        =    'secondclientid';
$field->columntype    =    'INT(11)';
$field->uitype        =    10;
$field->typeofdata    =    'V~O';
$field->sequence    =    5;


But the field is not showing up. I checked the DB, all seems to be well. When I change the UI type in the DB to 1, the field shows up. The field IS showing up in the 'vtiger_fieldmodulerel' table.
Is accounts module active?

uitype10 will not appear if the module it references is not active.
Yes it is. Even more, the same block has another field that is UI10 and references Accounts. I want to create the possibility to relate the record to two accounts.
I don't know. Debug the getBlocks call and the uitype 10 code in include/utils/EditViewUtils.php

I will try to reproduce it
Will do, get back to you as soon as I have time
I copied the code above into my coreBOS Law test installation and ran it. All messages are correct.

I created, viewed and edited a LM record with the new field with no problem.