Full Version: Doubt - Contract Services
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I wish, see some data from contact and opportunity associated at contract service, without a "click" to opened a contact module or opportunity module.

Today user, need access contract service, click in contact, and in contact click in opportunity for look the sale.

Path today: Contract Service -> Contact -> Opportunity

User wishing, in first screen, see,

For example

and all data from opportunity ( sale ).

How I can do that?
Showing information from directly related entities is easy: use tooltips

Showing information from second/third related level is not possible without programming, especially in this case where there can be many opportunities and there is no easy way of knowing which one they want.

I suppose I would create a detail view related list or a detail view widget to show the information.

I remember a change Omar made for a client where he added a list of related information to the tooltip output for a similar requirement as the one you explain.
related entities?

System only shows field at same module, for me ...
If you are on the service contract, and you have a field pointing to a Contact, you can activate the tooltip on Contacts and see any field of the contact in the service contract. You cannot see fields of the potentials related to the contact.

If you add a potential relation field on the service contract then you will be able to see any field on the opportunity
Ok, I will try that, thanks Joe.

Today I need this path

contract services -> Contact -> Opportunity

I can add opportunity relation directly in contract services? Is possible?