Full Version: sms task in custom workflow function
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did anyone already uses the following :
1. create a workflow and invoke custom function
2. inside the function , create and format the sms , send the sms

like :
SMSNotifier:Confusedendsms($content, $tonumbers, $current_user->id, $relatedCRMid, $relatedModule);
I see no reason why this wouldn't work.
I don't remember having done that in a workflow but I am quite sure we have sent SMS from other events in the system.

BTW, why not use the already existing Send SMS workflow task?

i'll test it.

i have to make some queries in the database and prepare the template prior sending the sms

i cannot use the fields directly and i use it for statistics (select sum(*) from ......)

or i'll have to create a field that summarize the total

it's mainly a challenge for me if i can do it