Full Version: Translate email sent with SMTP Server Settings
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When admin change a SMTP Server Outgoing email, system sent a email for test if settings working correctly

I think sometime in past, system translated this test for admin language, but now system always put text in english.
That email has always been in English:

I didn't have plans to translate it.

Not is possible included this in globalVariables, like already exists in code, others variables with same proporses?

$HELPDESK_SUPPORT_NAME = GlobalVariable::getVariable('HelpDesk_Support_Name', 'your-support name', 'HelpDesk');
This has nothing to do with global variables, it is just text that should be translated. I really don't see the issue because it is an email you get once or twice and it is only one line nobody really reads but I created an issue anyway:
I agree with you, Joe.

But I found others variables moved from to global variable, only for that a suggested used one more, and allow translated complete process ( without many code effort ).

Ok, this emails is rarely used, but if system have a propose to be a multilingual, I think all messages and text, should be translated.