Full Version: Import Documents to contacts
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I wish import a lot of documents in my coreBOS. All document file needs will be relation to contacts.

How I can do that?
any ideia?
Like this.

But all docs in a directory structure with a custom filed number


inside each folder, file name has a code and this code is a key in another custom table

I need read all directory
Found in CRM, a contact,

name of directory = custom filed created in contatcs

Founded from name of file, in another table to translate this code to a original name

Created a new document in coreBOS, related a contact and with a name rescued from this table
I'm sorry, I don't understand you but it is irrelevant. Right now we read the file name and expect this format:


recordidentifier must be the value in some field in the account or contact. If you need to modify that logic we can search on any field you want and you/we can adapt the code to search in any structure you want. The hard work is done, changing the logic to match your particular use case is "just work"
I think the process has two parts

First is this process to identify each file
Second upload process automated, in coreBOS

I don't know how I can do second part ...
You think is possible for me change a little this code for do I need ?
Yes, both with the massdocumentimport extension and with the webservice interface you can do what you are need to do.