Full Version: Gmail Outgoing Mail Server Settings
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So I have been using Sendgrid for a while now (and tend to love it)

However, we have setup DMARC for our email and without a validated IP andy thing sent to us acting like us simply will not come through (which is good)

Unfortunately, however, This stops Corebos from sending emails to us using Send Grid. (not to mention their price is something that the company I work for probably does not want to start paying.

So I started to see what it would take to move to Gmail as an SMTP

Here is what my gsuite support sent me.

I set up corebos using the configuration and it says it is sending the test email if I use the YES option for authentication (But I have yet to receive a test email or see one come across gmails spam blocker or inbox. (I can see reports from my admin console))

Am I missing something?

Are there settings I am not seeing?

Thanks all for your help

P.s. I also added the IP address I think my corbos server has to the SMTP whitelist in my Gsuite account.
p.p.s It also says it sends with TLS Certificate Validations but none of the other options
try the steps here:

and also adding the port to the google server, something like
But today thru Oaut coreBOS had a integration, with Google plataform, for sync calendar not?
yes there is