Full Version: [solved] View history in payments
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In online demo payments module has option to list history of changes, but in my system not ...
It is that module do that?

User Audit Trail
I looked at the code and the instructions to install this related list are there, so you should have it. I suppose you deleted the relation in layout editor.

This is not Audit Trail, this is a custom related list that gets filled with some special code to register these changes.

You will have to create a vtlib script and add the related list manually.

that would be someting like this:

but instead of addLink you would need to do something like this:

this is the Related List information:
I look with more attention and see this link history, see in other modules too, like a accounts.

How is activated?

I means, my problem not only in payments module ...
Are you talking about the History related list or the "View Changes" action link?

If it is the related list, that is a hard-coded feature. if it is ModTracker you can activated that in module manager
Ok, I don't know about that!

I activated and works.