Full Version: [solved] error on try create a new workflow
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PHP Notice:  Undefined index: LBL_SET_DATE in /Smarty/templates_c/3dfd3e3a3c52d4cea8d963031033383a68252366_0.file.EditWorkflowTriggerTypes.tpl.php on line 176, referer: http:///index.php?module=com_vtiger_workflow&action=workflowlist&list_module=Leads
should be fixed:

I added the labels:

'LBL_EVENTNAME' => 'Event Name',
'LBL_DESCRIPTION' => 'Description',
'LBL_STATUS' => 'Status',
'LBL_TYPE' => 'Type',
'LBL_START_TIME' => 'Start Time',
'LBL_START_DATE' => 'Start Date',
'LBL_END_TIME' => 'End Time',
'LBL_END_DATE' => 'End Date',
'LBL_SET_DATE' => 'Set Date',
'LBL_AFTER' => 'After',
'LBL_BEFORE' => 'Before',
'LBL_DAYS' => 'days',

I think this is correct
you didn't update the file before translating. the new labels are missing from the file
oh ... sorry, you are right !

system shows a error message ..
make sure you updated correctly as I do not get any error message
how i forced git execute again?
git response
Already up-to-date.

Solved when downgrade to php 7.1