Full Version: [solved] workflow issue for task with uppercasewords
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I tried use a workflow to execute a function uppercasewords, but in my instalattion not working properly, nothing is changed ..

Same workflow at demo online works properly

How I can trace why system don't works in my installation?

cron is setting and running correctly ...
I create a new task, send email, email is sent normally ...

In fact workflow is executed, but tasks for upgraded a registry not ...

Strange, system not change a string, if all letters in uppercase ....

If text is lowercase, is transform correctly, but if precious text in uppercase, not working ...

I reproduce in online demo .. now.
I just did an example in the online demo and it works as expected.

remember that this will not update the field in the detail view edit: you MUST reload the page because the save has no idea what the workflows are doing. In other words, do a full edit, not an inline field edit to see the result
Yes, uppercase and lowercases works .. only uppercasewords works not working

IF string is all letters in uppercase. ( not working )

IF string is all letters in lowercase ( works )
that is how PHP works

Maybe we could change the functionality? I will add that to our todo list. Contact us if you want to prioritize it.
I can created a expression with like as uppercasewords (lowercase ( filed )) ?

Or I need created a two separated tasks?
that should work
very good idea!
yes, works.
first I execute lowercase and after that execute uppercasewords