Full Version: [solved] php 7.2.6
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I updated my server for php 7.2.6 ( last version - centOS 6.9  ), system shows a error message.

Only homologated until php 7.2.0.

I changed test manually and will test my system.

There any news about problem with this version? or incompatibilities?


Downgrade to php 7.1
PHP 7.2 is not supported yet. Not because of coreBOS itself which has been updated but because of some of our third-party libraries which have not been updated yet. I have it in sight and will update as the libraries release their version.

Exactly we are waiting on: phpexcel, simplepie, tcpdf, gcal, googlesync, phpmailer. smarty, Request2 and log4php
I downgrade to Downgrade to php 7.1