Full Version: Warning admin to execute corebos_updater
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In iPBX there a interesting resource, when system need admin execute a upgrade, system shows a warning message until admin click on update.

I suggest, implement something like that in system

After updated with git, system shows for admin user, will need execute a corebos updater.

I see there a file updated when new itens included for corebos_updated. This file can be this controle para this warning.
good idea. I have added it to our todo list
I can suggested for do that, could be created at cron service for do the similar as button "load updates" does, and created a new global variable to admin choose if you wish only a warning, download or apply automatically

what you think about that?
Let me ask, last date corebos_updater was executed, is write into system ?

If yes, and it is possible show this date, we can uses combined with GV Application_UI_ShowGITDate to "deduce" that. I means, last corebos_updter should be equal or greather than git last updated, right?

And when uses this kind GV, I will crete a overhead for loading this value? I means system get this information one time in same session, or each screen printed ?

thanks for your support.
that date is not saved
the intention is to make the application "monitorable" by tools like Nagios or Zabbiz that use this information on the screen to manage the environment

Access to the database or application directory can be implemented, but more systems with passwords and permissions to manage

if this information were on the login screen, as in others, it would be easier

but, no problem, let's try another way

thanks for your support.
you can use the "ping" service for that:

it won't inform you of the git version nor pending updates but you can monitor a set of other things and maybe this would the right place to put what you are asking for
ok, sure, it is a good ideia.