Full Version: Problems for import tasks
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I tried import some tasks, but system not created a task into a contact

System create one new contact registry ( empty ) for each task in spreadsheet.

I setting a Contact Name for in step 3 with merged option


What I do wrong?
Contacts and Leads are hard to get right. The system expects the firstname and the last name concatenated with a space and prefixed with Contacts::::

If you add an additional space or it doesn't match exactly it will create a new record.

Maybe you can import on another field:
But there more strange things, same I use thats special import format, system created a new contract services (?) instead a use a contract services already in system ...

Why do that?
If it creates a new record it is because it cannot find an existing one with that value.

For example:

Contacts::::Joe Bordes

will search for a contact with the firstname+' '+lastname='Joe Bordes', if it finds it, the new record will be related with that contact, if not a new contact will be created (if possible) and the new record will be related to this new contact.
I imported all contacts ( successfully )
I created a contract service manually

And import a comments with the same name ( in spreadsheet ) ..

Strange not is finded.

Better is imported comments without created a contract services previous ... right?Better is imported a comments without created a contract services previous ...
actually, you should always import the related records first, so before importing comments you should already have all the related records because if not, the system will create basically empty records that you will have to fill in later.
yes, if the system found the related record, with the test I needed to do (related to) - full name ...
I am having no issues importing related information: