Full Version: problem when created a workflow for payments
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I tried create a new workflow for payments

But after I saved, system change the condition to related field ( but field is a payments module ... )

See attached images

image 1 - when I created a workflow 1s time  ( OK )
image 2 - I included with successful a expression for this field
after saved - image 3 - System show as the field related .. ) ( error )
What type of field is "Porcentual Custo Financiero" and on what module is it?
custom field, percentage in payments

Demo online is the last version ?
> Demo online is the last version ?

No I can't update there anymore :-(
Because, I think, in my first tests, this problem not occurs in older version ..
I couldn't reproduce it. Make sure the field type is correct in the database. Use coreBOSWSDevelopment tool to see the type of the field...
Thats a new field, I removed, and created a new, problem not solved, yet
I don't know how to reproduce the issue.
You testing in last version, upgraded ?
yes, I am.
try to reproduce here:
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