Full Version: Autocomplete: what about more UI types?
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I read we can only use autocomplete on UI types 10 and 2. That's fine for newer custom modules, but in most system modules like salesorders or invoice we have more 'exotic' types like 73 or 57. What is the reason we can't use autocomplete business maps on those?
The reason is that we have to hard code the autocomplete into each uitype we need to support.
I would prefer you dedicated you time to converting the exotic types to uitype 10 and cleanup the code
I have absolutely no problem there, would prefer the same thing. The only thing I was wondering if there would be any unwanted side-effects when transforming let's say the contact field in salesorders to a UI10 field.
that is where the trick is: catching all the side effects :-)

If you are interested I can look up some commits where we do this as we have already standardized a few so you can get an idea of what needs to be done.
It always it isn't it ;-)

Sure, would like that. I'd love to put in some work to convert these.
These are the ones we had to do to get HelpDesk "Related To" converted:


These are to convert Campaign on Potentials:


And this one is to change "Product" on HelpDesk and FAQ:


Thanks! Will study and ask if I have any questions.
I've been going through some of the commits and would like to set out a global method for doing this kind of task. Since every 'exotic' UI type has its own implementation I think the approach should first figure out what that implementation is, and then come up with a plan to retain existing functionality while still converting the UI type to 10. This requires some investigation for each UI type I want to replace individually I suppose, so maybe it's best to start with the ones that have the biggest impact. I'm thinking about one that is used a lot in the system versus one that may not be used in many places but would be used many times since it's a common operation (contact or account on salesorder for instance). What would you advise?
Let's tackle these:

('116', '357', '51',  '57', '66', '73', '75', '76', '77', '78', '80', '81')

from vtiger_field
where uitype in ('116', '357', '51',  '57', '66', '73', '75', '76', '77', '78', '80', '81')
order by uitype

if we order them by use:

SELECT uitype, count(*)
from vtiger_field
where uitype in ('116', '357', '51',  '57', '66', '73', '75', '76', '77', '78', '80', '81')
group by uitype
order by 2

it seems that 57 would have the most impact

77 and 116 are interesting....

take your pick and start asking :-)
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