Full Version: Will an 'update field' workflow task trigger workflows on the related record?
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I think I've asked this before, but somewhere in a thread that I can't find anymore. So here's twice then:

If I create a workflow task that updates a field on a related module, will that update in turn trigger the workflow system on the record to which that related field belongs?
Apparently, it does not. I tried the following setup: A Timecontrol record updates a field on a related projecttask, then a projecttask updates a field on the parent project. Both are set to fire always, when creating a new record and editing an existing one. Saving the timecontrol record however does not update the parent project for the projecttask related to that timecontrol record.
I'd say it doesn't and your second post seems to confirm that. I think that is on purpose to minimize the potential of infinite loops
Yes, that would seem risky. I've now setup the 'middle' record to do a scheduled task, think that will do it. Maybe I'll investigate this further if I have some time.
I see workflow tasks have a 'Launch workflows on related updates' checkbox now, so now we can choose this behaviour at will? That would be awesome!
Yes, correct! That is what it is for.
So we should be very careful when we do this, because if I trigger a task on an invoice that also triggers the workflow mechanism on a related salesorder, but that related salesorder has a task that updates a field on invoices and also triggers workflows on related reocrds, I could create an infinite loop.
Absolutely. You HAVE to know what you are doing, and even then, it can get messy, but the feature was required for some use cases.
I very much like the feature but as you said, even if you know what you are doing it could go horribly wrong. Especially if you have many workflows you can loose track of.
Reading this over again, when we do end up in an infinite loop, is there some way we could kill the process?
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