Full Version: birthday (report or workflow )
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How I can created a workflow to send a scheduled report to a marketing departament to talk with my day birthday contacts?

Or in b2b company, send a workflow with each aniversary for my clients

Problem is, aniversary date in coreBOS in format yyyy-mm-aaaa .. ( with year ), and in report or workflows, fuction "today" .. will not working for that
coreBOS knows that any date field with the fielname "birthdate" is to be treated specialy when used in filters so you can use it as you would any date but internally the query will be done only comparing day and month. See this image of a scheduled workflow and the query it generates.

That is a good news.
For workflow and report this functionality solve my problem.
I can add this type of data thru custom field too?

Because, each year of first purchase of my client I wish send a congrats too, and this case filed is Created Date, not a birthdate ...

There any way to do that too?
You have to create the field with exactly that name, so the only way is programming or using the new console functionality. If I remember correctly there is a "Create Field" command that may permit you to do that.

The alternative is to create it as a custom field and then go to the database and change the column name and vtiger_field field and column name. That should work also.