Full Version: Created a Global Variable for a unique role
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I tried created a global variable for a specific role

For example, I set Application_DetailView_Inline_Edit - Value 0 - for sales man

I did that in online demo too

But system changes this for all users ( not only for a role selected )

What I do wrong?
If I logged as user and change works only for this user, but if I created a GB with admin for a specific role, not
i saw the problem and i update the documentation and the code.
When you create a global variable and role is selected the Global variable MUST be assigned to a user in the role and to help you with that corebos will automatically assign it to one if you haven't.

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Hi Mikel,

Not make sense, role should be use for all users in specific role ( exactly for admin not need set one by one ) ...
GVs with roles selected affect ALL users in those roles, but the record itself MUST be assigned to any user in those roles.
I do that, but system still use the variable for all system
You are doing it wrong. Make sure that the selected roles have at least one user assigned to them and assign the record to that user, It is actually that easy.
Strange in demo works but in my installation not