Full Version: [ solved ] error coreBOS Security in import
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If you try import a big file, system show coreBOS Security error, instead a message file bigger the allowed
For me, if file has more than 40mb, occurs this error
according with github conversation about this, to working a large upload file, I think is neede change tree parameters

at php.ini
post_max_size ( i think is necessary is, no minimal a double of upload_max_filesize )

Application_Upload_MaxSize ( in global variable)

not necessary anymore, variable in this file is obsolete

After coreBOS introduced the option for  "Test", I suggest, with a better enhancement, when click on this option "Valid" system look at php.ini value to shows if all is correct or not, or a popup to alert about thats parameters

This kind of controls, help a lot, the team support
this has been added. Thanks!