Full Version: Some questions about the new financial fields
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I just found out that my tax hooks are being used to create fields in the financial block in inventory modules that display the sum of all those taxes from the lines on that record. That is very cool and usefull! I do have some issues with it:
  • Setting a tax to inactive does not set the field to inactive. Maybe there are reasons behind this, but right now I can't think of them
  • Updating the tax name does not update the field labels. I could write a commit for that.
  • The first one is on purpose so that you can see the total tax on records that have applied the tax while it was active. Sadly we don't have a way of showing fields on a per record basis.
  • I'd say that this second issues is simply an oversights. We missed it.
  • But would we have problems if we disabled the field for ALL records when we disable the tax?
  • No problem, I'll try to pick that up if I have some time.
It would be a problem for the users. Imagine an Invoice where you use taxY, you get the breakdown in the financial fields block and see the exact amount of taxY applied on that invoice. Sometime later, you make taxY inactive, if we now hide the taxY field in the financial field block and you go to see the previous invoice where it was used you would get the wrong amounts. It is a historical issue.
Didn't think about that, but that makes sense.

In the meantime I assigned myself to the github issue.