Full Version: Module SMSNotifier Problem
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Hi all,
i've a problem whith module SMSNotifier, setted with SKebby account.
Sometime, when i send SMS the system hangs for a long time ( like it's waiting an answer)
During this hosting I/O resource increases until 2MBS (the max), and also RAM usage.
I'm using apache with php 7.1
any idea to find the problem and to fix it?

p.s. for the future, it will be a great idea to add SMS in Campaign module
I add support for logging in Skebby and added some more log messages:

activate the log and look in the logs/skebby.log to see if you can find out what is happening.
enable logging with this? $LOG4PHP_DEBUG = true;
I cant' resolve, because the log works only when system not hangs.
If system hangs, the log isn't fill in.
find out which code you are executing in this "if":

if you are using the positive condition eliminate the @ from the calls to see if that gives you some errors:

I suppose that, if this stream just keeps on sending information, then it would do what you say: that line connects to the skebby server and reads information until they stop sending, If they just keep on sending then it will hang there reading and filling up the memory.