Full Version: There any tutorial for cbtranslation module?
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How I use correctly this module?

Key = ?

Field = ?

What idea for select a relation with another module?

For example, how i can translate a help desk module as " Chamados "
This module is a developers tool. It can be used to translate fields, labels and all sorts of strings for developers to use when creating customizations.
As a user of the application, it has no functionality.

The module has been around for a while now and we use it in some of our projects.

We have seen that it could support correctly doing filters and searches on picklist values so we started using it to solve that problem for everyone.
I had seen this link for more documentation it does not help in using the module ...
I need put label like as LBL_????? for translate?
I repeat: This module is a developers tool

It is ONLY for use by developers. If a developer creates some module or extension and uses this tool, then you will have to use it as indicated by that developer. For the moment we are publically using it to correctly search in picklist with multilanguage support. For that to work, you simply have to have all the picklist records created and we did that for you already.

In other words, there is nothing you can do with this module as a coreBOS user.