Full Version: Suggestion - auto refresh for widget
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I wish set some widgets for auto refresh data

Today user need click on refresh icon for refresh your data
You really should use metabase. It does this and much more and is totally oriented towards dashboards. It has the refresh capability.

If you can't get it working yourself, talk with Lorenzo for support in the integration.
Ok, understand.

Thanks for you attention.

I don't now how is code working, but is possible I forced in hard code, a javascript to do that, like as <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30"/> or something else?

My question because is a specif use, and change to metabase is this moment not is possible ...
sure you can. I just rigth clicked on the image, selected the link in the console and executed:


and it reloaded. I also see that the link is to: loadStuff(152,'ReportCharts');

if I execute that the chart reload also, so look for settimer in javascript and you should be able to do it easily
But not is a report charts, is a module
Sorry, I don't know if I in right local ...
it is the same for any widget with the reload image. right click on the image itself to simulate the user clicking