Full Version: workflow with delay - modified date
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I created a new workflow to send a email 7 days after last modified date

but system sent email always workflow is executed

I scheduled my workflow to shedule, on some days of week, only

What I did wrong?
There are no conditions on the workflow, so it will execute for all records. The delay simply indicates that if a task should be done, don't do it now, but in "delay" days, it is not a condition.

Add a condition on your workflow to get only those leads that have not been modified in the last 7 days or less:
Ah, ok.

Like this?

sub_days(modifiedtime , 7)
No, expression don't work in general in scheduled workflows because they cannot be translated directly to SQL.

You have to use "Less than X days ago" (see wiki link above)
But the Modify Date field is now treated as time ....
that is not the workflow conditions but the specific task conditions. the scheduler conditions are defined on the workflow, please try there
Is the same
then use hours