Full Version: A regular expression to assert Workflow expressions
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Just for fun I wrote a regular expression that would assert and capture a vtlib expression in 'normal' and 'poorly' written formats. I also tested some deliberately wrong formatted ones. Tested them on The expression is:
PHP Code:
\$\((\w+) ?: ?\((\w+)\) ?(\w+)\) 

The 'right' variations I came up with are:

$(reffield : (ModuleName) field)
$(reffield: (ModuleName) field)
$(reffield :(ModuleName) field)
$(reffield:(ModuleName) field)
$(reffield : (ModuleName)field)
$(reffield: (ModuleName)field)
$(reffield :(ModuleName)field)

The 'wrong' ones I tested are:

$reffield: (ModuleName) field
$(reffield) : ModuleName (field)
$(retfield : ModuleName field)

Maybe we could use this one day, or just for fun keep coming up with correctly formatted or incorrectly formatted ones.
Maybe, I will be use this expression in a new project. I will tell you if this can run. Big Grin