Full Version: Error in email Template - Suggest Enhanced in GlobalVariable
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When I try created new template, and insert a tag for translate, using variables at Account/Leads or User, system not translated correctly or shows error below

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: result is not an object in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/database/PearDatabase.php:826 Stack trace: #0 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/utils/CommonUtils.php(2370): PearDatabase->query_result(false, 0, 'user_name') #1 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Emails/mailsend.php(118): getMergedDescription('<p style="text-...', '1', 'Users') #2 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Emails/Save.php(188): include('/usr/share/core...') #3 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/index.php(475): include_once('/usr/share/core...') #4 {main} thrown in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/database/PearDatabase.php on line 826
Can you share the template with the error? please
I don't know I did change, now error not occurs anymore, only account variables not as translated ..

I sent my template in your email
The template works correctly for me
Translated a account variables, in this case account name?

My sequence is

At contacts, more inf, tab, click at add email and send. Not translated a account name ( user variables, works, but account not )

although that, my user click in related tab, in contacts, and account is related with him

What sequence you to works?
No matter what steps I take it always works correctly for me. I even reviewed the code, it always merges against Accounts for the Contacts module and now, I made a change so it merges against Accounts for any module that is related to it.

You sequence described above works for me. Make sure the contact you are trying with is actually related to an account.
Can be ..

That none advertise a user when selected a template with not all conditions for translate variables ...

I think better in this case, is translated variable to "blank field", because when system not translated, appears as system not worked ..

What you think about it?
Yes, I think we could add a global variable to indicate that.
Sounds like good