Full Version: Bug : Report not listed all registry
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I tried create a report for list all contract services with a specific (and custom field) date = today

But always 1 registry is ommited


If 10 registry Custom Field Date = Today, system only list 9 registries

In time, there the same problem with a mass edition, always 1 registry not is changed ...

I think there are a problem with a routine a process more than one registry
I'm sorry but I can't reproduce that, both in filters and reports I get the correct amount of records. Try activating the debug query global variable to see if it is returning the correct SQL
Step by Step for Mass edition

Create a new CF type date
Create a filter with date Today
Create about 100 registries
Click in Mass Edit CF Date Field and change value for another date

Last registry is not modified ...
Ok, I fixed that but it has nothing to do with the report missing a record.