Full Version: Characters International List after update
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After last updated in tickets, for example, characters not shows correctly
I have made a lot of changes to pt_br files maybe one of those has something to do with it. Review the pt_br file for this module and reset it to a version before the change, see if that has anything to do with it.
I think is only at shows, because if I access picklist editor, system shows correctly ...
I don't know how to reproduce this issue
Maybe because thats tickets was created from mail scanner ?
I removed a special character in picklist and news tickets ( created from mail scanner ) still wrote wrong in DB ...
check your encoding in the config file, it should always be UTF8
// default charset
// default charset default value = 'UTF-8' or 'ISO-8859-1'
$default_charset = 'UTF-8';
$default_charset = strtoupper($default_charset); // DO NOT MODIFY THIS LINE, IT IS IMPORTANT

When I removed a line with a special character from list, system recreate when new ticket is processed from mail scanner...