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When editing a record is necessary click on icon ( + ) for system open a pop up for choose a account or contact, as a case selected

Not is possible input a text directly in field. At first moment, causes a litle confunsion in user

And I think is more usable, on user click in any area of field, system open a pop up for user choose your option
coreBOS can already do that. Define an autocomplete business map for the fields you want to have that functionality:
I will explain better

in fact only I suggest, the possibility click on any point with a field ( today pop up open only when I click on icon ) ...

But your anwser is a good features for my user.

One question, allowed uses a existing fiter not is more easy when created a custom map for this kind of resources?
Ah, I understand, that sounds useful:


I don't understand the other question
1) Works when edit mode, not is editing in line

2) I have a litle difficult for create a XML syntax, bacause that, I was thinking, if corebos possibilities point a pre existing filter in cbMAP instead a describe filters and codition in XML.


And system getting a fields and condition from filter

Similary in dashboard when was created a widget for module
1) fixed. thanks!

2) it is a good idea, I will keep it in mind, but hopefully very soon we will have a map generator extension which will make things easier