Full Version: [ solved ] Error on git pull
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I have one install when I try uses a git pull many files shows as changed localy but is not true

for example, in root directory system shows Mobile.php, PEAR.php is changed

How I can solved that?
This usually happens when you have changed the permissions of the files. git controls that and considers it a change. Execute:

git diff Mobile.php

to see the exact change git is seeing and share that with us if it isn't clear
git diff Mobile.php
diff --git a/Mobile.php b/Mobile.php
old mode 100644
new mode 100755

I moved this install from older server

At first install S.O is Ubuntu and at new server is CentOS

Thats differences could be causes a problem?

I will try change permissions and will returned a result here

I changed all files with chmod +x and chmod -x again ...

And execute git pull with sucessfull