Full Version: Suggested - Button Update
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I suggest the possibility create a button update for editing and stay in same registry

Similarly a new possibilities like the button save+repeat, for example
Do you mean edit and the edit again?
Yes, I saw this in Salesforce ...
Sorry, but I really don't understand, it makes no sense to me. I don't see the business logic nor use case.
In my case, there are a workflow to update some fields

Today when user click in save, system return to listview, and user need click on registry again

This new button, will allow apply a values, and still in same registry

in another situation, workflow execute a webservice to get some data ( for example with a Zipcode, sytem get all address information )

Another example is a PDF maker extension

has this two button

apply ( updated and still in same record )
save ( updatted and return to a listview )
Did you try the next?

When you are on listview, open the record that you want to edit in new tab, edit the record and save. Here you can see that you continuous in the record but in detail view.

We always recommend working with several tabs. So in a tab you always have the list view and in the others you are working.
Yes, thats a good practice, but user need click on "refresh" for system exhibit a new values ...

I wish, system returned a registry, with a updated values ( because my workflows changes same fields, get other data from webservice, etc )
When I say edit on a new tab, I'm refer to edit all the record, not a single field. If you edit all the record, when press save, the system will show you the record detail view with all the data updated.

But if this way to work is not enough for you, I think you need a custom development to have this new functionality.
You are right

But I think have a simple solution, rather than return to a list view, return to the same registry with updated ...

I know is a another solution, like a special blocks, and others ..

But I think this, will allows admin user uses a workflows a like as today, and in my mind, is a very simple and powerful solution ..

Thanks for your reply, Omar !!