Full Version: Special character in field name ( pick list )
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Now, name of picklist and itens in picklist, with a special characteres is not displayed correctly

In my set UTF-8

Only picklist and itens in pickist displayed wrong ..

How I can solved that?

But values for default system, is showed correctly, only my new values is showed wrong ...
I have no idea what is happening in your install
When I in listview cbTranslation shows correctly, but when clicked in edt shows wrong ..

See two images

If I change in editing mode manually, system shows correctly in picklist again ...
I correctly manualy almost, works fine now ..

Only a filter in payments, if I put any conditions in Custom Field ( pick list ) system not listem anything ...

Conditions in another type of filed, works normally


How I can solve that?
activate the debug list view query global variable and look at the query being launched. try not translating any values for that picklist: you only need to translate in a multilingual install or when the base values are not in the language of all the users.
SELECT vtiger_cobropago.cyp_no, vtiger_cobropago.parent_id, vtiger_crmentity.smownerid, vtiger_cobropago.paymentmode, vtiger_cobropagocf.cf_871, vtiger_cobropagocf.cf_977, vtiger_cobropago.amount, vtiger_cobropago.cobropagoid FROM vtiger_cobropago INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ON vtiger_cobropago.cobropagoid = vtiger_crmentity.crmid LEFT JOIN vtiger_users ON vtiger_crmentity.smownerid = LEFT JOIN vtiger_groups ON vtiger_crmentity.smownerid = vtiger_groups.groupid INNER JOIN vtiger_cobropagocf ON vtiger_cobropago.cobropagoid = vtiger_cobropagocf.cobropagoid WHERE vtiger_crmentity.deleted=0 AND ( (( vtiger_cobropago.paid <> '1') )) AND vtiger_cobropago.cobropagoid > 0

Strange ... exactly a test for "Nota Promissória" is omitted in sql command ...
send a screen shot of the field and the filter
You are probably not seeing the correct SQL

Select the filter, go to another module and then come back to this one
I solved that, when I returned a item on picklist to old value "Audiencia" to "Audiência"